Client: Trustpower Ltd
Location: Cobb Powerstation
Scope of Work: Bore Alignment / Pedestal and Scroll Case Flatness
Date: April 2015

As part of an overhaul, AEG was asked to perform bore alignment checks of the beaing pedestals and scroll housing case. Additionaly AEG also carried out flatness measurement of the beaing housings and scroll case, plus the relative levels of the stator pads.

Both sets of measurements were carried out by an AEG engineer onsite using laser alignment method. Measuremnt of the bore alignment was undertaken using Pruftechnik BORALIGN last instruments. Pedestal levels were measureed using Pruftechnik LEVALIGN in conjunction with ROTALIGN Ultra.

Both thealignment through the pedestals and scroll housing case were confirmed to be within tolerance. Similarly the flatness measurements showed deviations that were within tolerance. Subsequently, no correction or remideial action was required.