OMNITREND Center is Pruftechnik's next generation conditon monitoring software. Designed to support both Pruftechnik's online and portable condition monitoring systems, Omnitrend Center provides advanced analysis and measurement configuration.

Online system intergration: VIBGUARD, VIBGUARD Compact and VIBRONET Signalmaster
Portable system intergration: VIBXPERT II
Data management, measurement configuration, archiviing, analysis and reporting
Kinematic model editor
Modbus support for communication with PLCs
Advanced alarm management and configuration
Single or multi-user environemtns
Interactive reporting tools
As with all Pruftechnik software and firmware - updates are free of charge

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Online View 4.0

Online View 4.0 provides live visualization of machine condition on your PC and mobile device. Interfacing with Pruftechnik's online conditon monitoring systems, Online View 4.0 allows the user to see at a glance, live machine states and alarms for al monitored plant.

Live machine status on PC, Android and iOS
Traffic light icons display machinery status
Vibration, temperature, speed and process data
Live trend diagrams avaliable
Logbook of all current and previous events
Secure data communication

For more information CONTACT US or visit Pruftechnik's website: HERE