VIBXPERT II is a high-performance full featured 1 or 2 channel FFT data collector and signal analyzer. VIBXPERT II collects field data including vibration, bearing condition, inspection and process data. Intergration with Pruftechnik's OMNITREND Centre software allows for full vibration analysis remotely as well as at the machine.

Route-based data collection
Vibration diagnosis
One or two-plane field balancing
Intrinsically safe EX version avaliable
Powerful analysis tools
Time waveform, phase, orbits, bump test and coast-down/run-up testing
Fully intergrated with Pruftechnik's powerful OMNITREND Centre software

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VIBSCANNER 2 is Pruftechnik's portable vibration and condition monitoring data collection system. Compared to traiditonal VA systems, VIBSCANNER 2 collects all relevant machine information up to four times faster. Like other Pruftechnik online and portable systems, VIBSCANNER 2 intergrates with OMNITREND Centre, Pruftechnik's powerful vibration analysis software.

Fast, comprehensive vibration data collection
Easy-to-use means minimal training requirements
True tiraxial data measurement results in even faster collection
In-built RPM determinations based on vibration
Shock-proof, glove enabled touch screen

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